Federal investigators reportedly going after political corruption involving huge Chicago electric utility Commonwealth Edison

Democrat-dominated Chicago is widely reputed to be thoroughly corrupt, and it now looks as though federal prosecutors have turned over a lot of rocks and are going after the icky creatures crawling away.  Recall that a politically powerful former alderman, Danny Solis, wore a wire for the feds for two years and during that long period had plenty of time to engage figures in politics, business, and even nonprofits in conversations that may have incriminated them and their associated persons and institutions. Photo credit: Good Free Photos. There have already been further raids and investigations involving such things as red light cameras and suburban governments, as well as raids on the offices of multiple Chicago aldermen and women, including powerhouse Alderman Ed Burke. But the latest news, from public radio station WBEZ takes the investigation in a new direction. Federal investigators are looking into allegations that Commonwealth...(Read Full Post)
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