Fair impeachment for Trump? Not a snowball's chance in Schiff-town

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan is one of those #NeverTrumps I still don't mind hearing from. While it's kind of a given that she'll gladly convey bad new about President Trump if she can, she often has useful insights. She's a feelie, she likes to go around feeling the mood of the public and very often she gets it right.

Despite the giant rallies President Trump has been holding, the oversized fundraising hauls, and those impressive victories in special elections he endorses, such as Louisiana, she gets the feeling the mood of the public really has shifted against Trump.

I'm not entirely sure of that, but O.K. She correctly called this one, on how the public hated George Bush over his airport crap -- the public knew it wasn't blue-haired grannies doing the hijackings as the TSA men patted these old ladies down, it was young military-aged Muslim men who sailed past security with no special vetting due to political correctness. So maybe, just maybe, she's calling things right on the Trump-mood, too. We have to leave this possibility open even if there are counterindicators.

In the midst of her doom and gloom, though, calling impeachment a foregone conclusion and Trump's removal quite likely, she has unwitting good news:

Again, everything depends on the quality and seriousness of the House hearings. Polling on impeachment has been fairly consistent, with Gallup reporting Thursday 52% supporting the president’s impeachment and removal.

Serious and dramatic hearings would move the needle on public opinion, tripping it into seriously negative territory for the president.

And if the needle moves, the Senate will move in the same direction.

Are the hearings, conducted in secret, in some dank Capitol Hill basement by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, going to be fair? For starters, they are secret, a big move to exclude voters from making up their own minds. Republicans have been shut out, making this specter a one-party show same as Obamacare.  Leaks already have provided lots of evidence of Schiff witness tampering, both against hostile witnesses as well as coordination with friendlies.

Think these crazed Democrats will pursue fairness as Noonan says is the critical catalyst? 

Not a snowball's chance in Schiffdom. Advantage, Trump.

Image credit: Caricature by DonkeyHotey, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0



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