Doesn't every congressional Democrat get naked with the interns like Katie Hill?

What's a disgusting sex predator like far-left Democrat Rep. Katie Hill doing in Congress?

Naked pictures of the congresswoman, who's on Rep. Adam Schiff's impeach-Trump committee, have turned up, first at RedState, and now beyond, showing Hill sitting there with her giant naked thighs spread out, buck naked in some hotel room, stroking her very, very young, submissive female staffer's hair like an alpha orangutan.  It was a picture that must have been taken by someone else, perhaps the man, legislative director Graham Kelly, in the reported Hill "throuple" relationship, (we get to learn so many new words with these freshman Democrats), or else her husband, who's also reported to be a member of the "throuple."  Who knows?  Maybe it was four of them.

Hill is trying to call it an invasion of privacy and says she's got the cops investigating.

She's married, but she had this piece of...whatever it was...going on on the side, which may have prompted her husband to ask for a divorce.  She now calls him an "abuser" even as she'd praised him to the high heavens when she got elected to Congress in 2018.  Subsequent texts obtained by Red State also suggest she's a drunk. Update: And this new report out, from the Daily Mail, with photos of more kink, swinger-ism, news of previous 'throuples' before this one, and the happy 'throuple' together signal it's just more downhill

Does she work at all?

The real issue is abuse of power — going after a young staffer, a very recent college graduate, as a sex-predator in a power relationship, for one, and being involved with a male staffer who was her legislative director, similar to the sort of sexcapades that got Rep. Ilhan Omar in some of her ethics investigations.  RedState reports that the House Ethics committee is now investigating Hill.

She's denying her relationship with Graham but not with the young staffer (hard to do with a photo like this), and now the investigations into corruption and how she could have exploited the intern or "rewarded" Graham are beginning. We can tell from these FEC payouts that Hill and her intern were an 'item' at least as far back as 2017 and one occasion, at least, got tickets to some $30 event together. 

Her hypocrisy is breathtaking.  Here's a tweet just out from Don Trump, Jr.:

Why do Democrats always have to diddle the interns? Why is a Democrat Congress always about someone getting naked in a hotel room?  And why are the Democrats silent about this disgusting exploitation?

How again did we end up with a congresswoman like this, perfect emblem of Democrat values, once again acting like so many of them?

For starters, she's one of California's blessings of the ballot harvest.  The freshman leftist won her congressional seat in 2018 only in the way other Democrats took otherwise conservative Republican seats in Southern California: through the miracle of ballot-harvesting.  She took a red district, as many beneficiaries did, because the harvest was what flipped those seats Democratic, although Hill, from the Santa Clarita area, which includes the pro-gun badlands and a lot of plastic-surgeried Housewives of Orange County types, seems to have had a small lead that was extended through the harvest rather than the harvest itself.

Ballot-harvesting was the collecting of ballots at voter doorsteps by Democratic operatives, often illegals, on undecided voters holding unasked-for mail-in ballots, as well as by a mass of "provisionally" cast ballots from people who "lost" their mail-in ballots or else have never bothered to register.  Bulletin boards with posts by leftists say the Hill effort was aggressive, with one noting that the ballot-harvester came to her door four times.  The Associated Press delicately explained Hill's victory coming as "further vote counts were released Friday."

Be that as it may, now voters can see that they've been handed a naked pig in a poke.  One can only hope there will be ample grounds for electoral consequences.

Image credit: Palmieri Report.

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