Did Kurt Volker mop the floor with Adam Schiff's witch hunt committee allegations?

The press is having a field day with some supposedly damning text messages surrounding the Trump administration's dealings with military aid to Ukraine and the need to get to the bottom of how the 2016 Russian collusion hoax happened. Here's National Review's rundown: The chairs of the House Committees released a document late Thursday night containing text messages that "reflect serious concerns raised by a State Department official about the detrimental effects of withholding crucial military assistance from Ukraine, and the importance of setting up a meeting between President Trump and the Ukrainian President without further delay." The texts come after a closed-door briefing with former special representative to Ukraine negotiations Kurt Volker. The released texts, which include conversations between Volker, Gordon Sondland, the United States ambassador to the European Union, and Bill Taylor, the chargé d'affaires in Ukraine,...(Read Full Post)
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