Democrats using impeachment to consolidate power

Rudy Giuliani told House Democrats via a letter from his lawyer that he will not be complying with their subpoenas related to their impeachment inquiry.  Last week, Rick Perry was also summoned and hints that he will also resist the Resistance Party's subpoenas.

The letter obtained by The Hill from Giuliani's attorney, Jon Sale, states that the subpoena is "overbroad, unduly burdensome, and seeks documents beyond the scope of legitimate inquiry."

What should be added to that list is that they're not really subpoenas anyway.  They are nothing more than sternly worded letters with a request calling themselves "subpoenas."  The House must vote first to authorize a committee investigation if its members want the judicial authority to enforce these letters.  The kangaroo court that Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are running has yet to do so.  And so, because they're not really subpoenas in any legal sense, there is zero penalty for not complying with them.  Giuliani having his lawyer send a response is already beyond what he had to do.

The Democrats are clearly planning something with the illegitimate and ever changing impeachment operation.  While they may think they're clever and strategic, their modus operandi has never been more obvious.

The impeachment inquiry has never been about shady White House leakers or fabricated whistleblowers.  It is entirely about a Legislative Branch under the control and used at the discretion of the Democratic Party.  The end goal is to abolish the separation of powers, or checks and balances, as outlined in the Constitution.

Step one: Attack the Executive Branch.  This operation began the moment Trump was elected in 2016.  Democrats tried to get as many of their Deep State spies into the White House as they could so they would in turn leak as much information as possible.  It has never mattered if the stories were true; in fact, the more ridiculous, the better since we live in clickbait times.  Since Trump first took office, we've seen "anonymous sources" tell us about how he likes two scoops of ice cream, the non-existing film of a golden shower Trump never received in Russia, and how he considered launching nuclear bombs to battle hurricanes.  If it pertains to the president, there is no need for it to be based in reality; the Democratic base is willing to believe anything anti-Trump.  The goal all along was to undermine his executive privileges as well as the president's ability to conduct diplomacy.

Step two: Attack the Judicial Branch.  We all saw the performance art that was the Kavanaugh hearings.  It was of no importance that Blasey Ford wasn't a credible witness and would have been found not competent to testify in any other court.  All that mattered was that there were seeds of doubt sown in the impressionable minds of people already emotionally invested in the MeToo movement.

The goal was simple: undermine Justice Kavanaugh's ability to rule on cases that the Democrats don't want him ruling on.  Additionally, they already showed their hand here when former attorney general Eric Holder stated that he considered President Trump's SCOTUS picks "illegitimate."  The DNC memo went out, and other prominent Democratic lawmakers like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand parroted the "illegitimate" claim and floated the idea of packing the bench.  They have made no secret that if they deem the Supreme Court too conservative, they will vote to add more seats in order to stack the bench until it swings back liberal.

Step three: Abolish the Electoral College.  Democrats have been hell-bent on abolishing the electoral college since at least 2005, when Democratic representative from Texas Gene Green first proposed the constitutional amendment.  Lately, those calls have been amplified by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who claims that the electoral college is racist,  and presidential loser Hillary Clinton, who didn't mince words when she called for it to be "eliminated."  This coupled with the fact that Democrats are staunchly opposed to voter ID or even a citizenship question on next year's Census means strategically entrenching power in a few major cities, stealing the popular vote every single time.

Democrats already have all they need to accomplish these three steps; a few votes and the media to conjure up hysteria whenever and wherever it's needed — like when a 13-month-old meme video swept headlines to distract from Republicans being kicked out of a secret basement impeachment hearing.  For Democrats, it has always been about power by any means necessary, even if that means that the Constitution itself becomes tinder to grow the flames of an authoritarian hell.  

These "masterminds" are playing stupid games, which will win them only stupid prizes.  Consolidating power in this way can benefit them only while the Democrats are the majority in the Legislative branch.  But if we have learned anything from the recent election in Louisiana, it is that the pendulum is swinging the other way, and the landscape is turning very, very red.

Don't let the mainstream media lie to you.  The subpoenas launched from Schiff's and Pelosi's kangaroo court aren't legally binding — well, that is, until Rep. Rashida Talib gets her way and uses rope and kidnaps witnesses in the middle of the night to force them to cooperate.  Until then, players like Perry and Giuliani will be accused of "obstructing justice" for exercising their legal rights and resisting the Democrats' blatant power-grab.

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