Chicoms get very, very nervous as Joe Biden corruption scandal spreads to their shores

Up until now, China's communist regime has had a grand old time blasting President Trump's Ukraine-linked impeachment troubles from its state propaganda outlets. They hate the guy based on his calling them out on their unfair trade practices, hitting them with tariffs, and their economy is not doing well. According to the New York Times: BEIJING — Since a trade war broke out with the United States, China’s state-run media has not held back from commenting on the swirl of political controversies around President Trump. At least, not until now. But now that the tale of House Biden's pocket-lining has spread to China (what a family!), they're getting tongue-tied. After Mr. Trump openly urged China on Thursday to investigate former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son Hunter, Chinese news media and officials were strikingly muted. While news of Mr. Trump’s request has seeped onto the Chinese internet, official...(Read Full Post)
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