California passes same-day voter registration, rigging elections even bluer

As if ballot-harvesting by illegal aliens were not enough, California has come up with a new way to rig elections to ensure one-party permanent Democratic Party rule.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

SACRAMENTO — Californians will be able to register to vote on election day at local polling places and voting centers under legislation signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday, a potentially significant step toward boosting turnout in key contests next year.

The new law provides for a significant expansion of so-called conditional voter registration, which allows a new voter to cast a ballot that is counted after eligibility is determined during the 30-day vote-counting period after an election. That process began in last year's statewide election, but registration was available only in county elections offices. Starting next year, voters can register on election day anywhere ballots are cast.

"This simply enfranchises more people to vote," said state Sen. Tom Umberg (D-Santa Ana), the author of the new law. "The presidential race is one thing, but this is going to make an even bigger difference in turnout for local races."

California's Gov. Gavin Newsom, who's been curiously silent on his Facebook page about the gargantuan blackouts slamming the Bay Area, proudly has this news right there at the top of his page as his signature achievement.

Suffice to say, this is a recipe for disaster.  As voting tallies roll out in real time on election day, Democratic operatives, illegally here or not, will be right onto the matter, with lists of unregistered potential voters, going to their homes and signing them up to make the tally go their way.  The political muscle used is going to be amazing.

With California already not checking who's legally allowed to vote, and often, through the Department of Motor Vehicles' automatic voter registration system, you can bet that a lot of those newly registered voters are not going to be here legally.  The sanctuary state, after all, does not check.

Now that they've got a register-or-else system of political muscling for registrations in elections going the Republican way, you can bet they will muscle illegals to register — with a warning that they'll be reported to authorities as illegal if they don't. 

They'll be additionally shielded from scrutiny based on the fact that the state has refused to cooperate with federal investigators about who's registered legally, so it's a perfect game for them.

What's stunning is why they did it at all.  After all, haven't they already gotten the solid blue state they've wanted, based on their past rigging?  They've even gotten deep red Orange County in their column, which has a whiff of fraud.  They've enacted driver's licenses for illegal aliens and now automatic motor voter registration, which can be halted only on the honor system, if someone says he is not allowed to vote due to being a non-citizen.  Plenty of "errors" have already happened.

They've also enacted automatic mail-in ballots, even if people do not ask for them, putting physical paper ballots on every kitchen table in the state if not in the mailboxes of people who have moved away.  Based on that, they've enacted ballot-harvesting, where Democratic operatives break the chain of custody in first counting votes coming in and, once they see a result they don't like, fanning out and going to people's houses who still have not voted — and "collecting" those votes, once they've "helped" these indifferent or unwilling voters to fill them out.  You can see how easy it would be to coerce an illegal alien in such conditions.  Worse still, the fate of the ballot of someone who voted the "wrong" way is anyone's guess.  No one knows if they turn all the ballots in.

Rest assured: there's more rigging.  They've enacted a first-two-out-the-gate primary system, which keeps Republicans off the ballot entirely, forcing voters to choose between just two Democrats, one hideous and the second even worse.  That was the nightmare Republicans faced when they were forced to choose between Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who'd just got caught employing a Chinese spy for 20 years, and a crazed leftist affiliated with what's unaffectionately known as the "Mexican mafia" of California's political machinery, named Kevin de León.  The map here shows how bad it is.

With this kind of rigging, it's no wonder California, which still has a sizable conservative contingent, has nearly zero representation in any public office, state or national. 

Yet the :eft still can't trust the good thing it's got and still doesn't trust those unreliable voters.  This measure to stack the total with same-day registrations is just the latest scheme to ensure permanent power.  It stinks to high heaven. 

Image credit: MB298 via Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0.
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