Backdating the whistleblower rules change? Intelligence inspector general doesn't want to answer questions about it

The Deep State has been after President Trump from the before his presidency, and its latest trick has been in orchestrating a rules change to ensure that any Deep-Stater can come forward with secondhand information, as a "whistleblower. It's supposedly to ensure that wrongdoing bruited about at the spy agency water coolers gets into the hands of authorities.  Problem one: Spy agencies don't do water cooler talk. But politics is always a topic, so now we have one or two leakers from the ranks of the still embittered Deep State, taking the cover of "whistleblower" as a result of that rules change, with a string of unsubstantiated secondhand information. Sean Davis at the Federalist has been doing a yeoman's job of ferreting out this leaks-as-whistles con job, with the first report that the rules allowing secondhand stories to go into whistleblower filings were mysteriously changed just in time for the first whistleblower to come...(Read Full Post)
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