Attention BDS fans: Bernie Sanders's heart stents developed in Israel

So does the boycott-divest-sanction movement got anything to say about Bernie Sanders's heart attack treatment?

Turns out the life-saving medical treatment the far-left socialist Democratic presidential candidate likely got for his heart attack last week was designed and developed and Made In Israel:



According to WebMD, heart attack treatment is characteristically done with stents which open troubled arteries linked to the heart. Stents have developed from crude pipe devices, to drug-coated tools, to meshy net devices in increasingly advanced life-saving technology.

Stents were invented in Israel. And so were drug-coated stents, according to Israel21c.

And most of them still come from Israel, sold to companies such as Boston Scientific and Johnson & Johnson.

The hospital where Sanders was treated following his heart attack resulted in stent implants, which the hospital says should leave him in good shape fairly shortly. The hospital has a superb reputation for cardiac care and if it's using stents, which it is, it's using Israeli technology. It likely also is using Israeli products.

Bernie's road to recovery, as it happens, goes through Jerusalem.

Which raises questions about just how smart the 'boycott-divest-sanction' movement is against Israel. Are these jackasses about to scold Bernie for taking those heart-attack stents that just saved his life? Let's hear it from them.

There's also Sanders himself. While Sanders claims to not support the BDS clown show in Congress and beyond, he is on record as defending against an anti-BDS bill in Congress, which would effectively cities and states to initiate BDS measures of their own. No heart attack stents for you.

The other problem is that Sanders is surrounded by BDS supporters, more than any other candidate. Rabid anti-Semite and BDS promoter Linda Sarsour is one of Sanders' closest allies and has been described as a 'surrogate.' I wrote about that anachronism here.

The sorry picture of Bernie taking life-saving Israeli technology while associating with hideous BDS promoters also raises questions about another issue - Bernie's support for universal state-controlled health care. If health care is controlled by the government and the government is controlled by socialist politicians such as Bernie, what's to stop rabid leftwing activists such as Sarsour enacting BDS measures to end all availability for lifesaving Israeli medical technology in the name of politically correct virtue-signalling. A Bernie in the president's chair with a Democratic Congress, each member trying to out-woke the next one, would easily trigger this appalling scenario.

So now the question remains: Is the BDS movement all in for ending lifesaving Israeli medical technology? Is it angry that Bernie Sanders got treated with it? Does it want Bernie to undo the treatment to be politically correct?

And where's Bernie's thanks for all these great Israeli medical advances that just saved his life?

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