Annals of Pandering: Joe Biden tells gay audience all about that kiss he got from Obama

So Joe Biden walks into a gay town hall and just has to tell his audience all about that kiss he got from none other than Barack Obama Himself.  According to CNS:

At a CNN town hall on "LGBTQ Equality" Thursday night, Vice President Joe Biden recalled that in May 2012, just months before the November election that would give Barack Obama a second term, he told NBC's "Meet the Press" that he was "absolutely comfortable" with homosexual marriage.

Biden was credited with forcing then-President Obama to publicly admit his support for such marriages, amid concerns that such a stance might alienate voters.

However, far from being angry with Biden, Obama "gave me a kiss," Biden told CNN Thursday night. "I swear to God."

(To illustrate his point, Biden grabbed Anderson Cooper's shoulders and leaned in as though he were going to kiss moderator Anderson Cooper, who backed up a step.)

It can also be viewed here.

As panders go, that's a beaut.  Even Anderson Cooper, who is gay, wanted no part of that one.  Cooper actually tried to cerebralize the obviously gay gesture from Biden into helping Joe explain his changing of Obama's mind on gay "marriage," as if to help the embarrassingly obvious pander from the addled Democrat save face.  Because Joe isn't going to succeed on that one.

It calls to mind what this really was: a pander to a gay audience, a bid to make the vaunted Obama look just a little bit gay, a bit imaginably gay, and thus win the audience over.  Never mind that little detail that if Obama really were sort of gay, as some of his critics argue, he'd hardly be attracted to Joe.

It was so transparent a pander that even Cooper felt compelled to divert him from that track, but Joe probably didn't notice.

If this isn't a sign of a complete pander, a groveling for the gay vote by pretending to also be gay, a pander that supersedes the whole host of pandering seen in this Democratic campaign, what is?

Image credit: MRCTV / CNN shareable screen shot.

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