After ISIS stunt and a lot of earlier bad reporting, why should we believe anything the Washington Post writes?

After years of lying to the public, why does any newspaper or other media outlet trust and reprint anything that comes from people working for the Washington Post? The Washington Post, in collusion with other Democrats and media outlets, pushed the hoax (fraud) on the public that Russia colluded with Donald Trump in the 2016 election to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, ultimately with absolutely no evidence. The WaPo was a leader in pushing the charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, again with no evidence, in collusion with Democrats, for the sole purpose of defeating a judicial candidate they didn't like. The WaPo was a leader in seeking to destroy white teenage Christian boys from Covington, Kentucky, for the "crime" of wearing MAGA hats.  The purpose of the false stories was to gin up racial hate against President Trump in order to destroy Trump and elect Democrats, and the young boys were pawns.  How many innocent...(Read Full Post)
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