A Washington Post headline unintentionally gives away the game

The headline below tells us a lot more than the Democrat partisans at the Washington Post intended.

After two weeks of closed-door testimony, a clearer portrait of Trump's role emerges

How does closed-door testimony tells the Washington Post and its readers anything?  By leaks, of course.  So a "clearer portrait" is being painted by leakers with the agenda of damaging President Trump.  There is no pretense of presenting a full picture that would include information that would not support the Democrats' agenda.

As Ed Lasky commented, "Pelosi, Schiff & company are controlling the narrative via leaks.  This is repulsive." Lauri Regan said, "I guess the irony got past the editors."

And the Washington Post maintains that this partisan version is the "clear" portrait — in other words, the definitive reality.  Its journalism consists of hyping the partial reality Democrats present to it.

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