12-Year-old black girl apologizes for concocting race hoax โ€” now it's the left-wing media's turn

Earlier last week, a 12-year-old student in Virginia accused three unnamed boys of knocking her down at the school playground slide, covering her mouth, and cutting off her dreadlocks while saying things like "you're ugly, you shouldn't have been born, you have ugly nappy hair." When I covered the story, I was confident that it was a hoax.  There were some red flags. Typically, 12-year-olds don't use the playground slide any longer, particularly alone.  Covering someone's mouth seems to muffle people's cries only in the movies.  Additionally, the school said there are adults with the students at all times. The addition of the term "nappy" seemed like a "Smollett" (a forced detail in order to bolster a claim of racism).  I'm not sure 6th-grade white boys run around using that term.  But until "nappy" was introduced, this was a case of a few boys bullying a...(Read Full Post)
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