Why won't the right go after the porn industry's leadership?

When it comes to the touchy subject of pornography, the discussion invariably gravitates to all the porn consumers.  Although the number of women has really spiked in recent years, the narrative in society, from media to churches, everyday people having a conversation, is thus: male consumers are the problem, and it's helping to erode society's mores.  Rarely are other factors considered or other perpetrators brought forward, but I think we need to turn the narrative on its head and ask this: why won't people in general, but especially the political right, go after the leadership of the porn industry? Let's consider who is behind this industry and reasons for producing and distributing it.  Is it just because of their profligate sexual dispositions and desire to propagate it among similarly minded people, or purely to make money?  Or is there more to it, at least with many of them?  Do they have a deeper interest in...(Read Full Post)
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