What's the British royal family going to do about that Epstein problem?

The pedophilia scandal from President Clinton's Lolita Express buddy, Jeffrey Epstein, is like a sort of swamp monster, dragging down the otherwise impervious elites into the deep.

As we await the news of how many Democrats that might mean, it's pretty obvious that one person caught in the Epstein goo is the British royal family's Prince Andrew.

According to Fox News:

A woman who claims Jeffrey Epstein paid her to have sex with Prince Andrew says in her first TV interview that the Duke of York thanked her after their first sexual encounter.

"He was an abuser. He was a participant," Virginia Roberts Giuffre says of Andrew in an interview with NBC Dateline set to air Friday night. The interview with Giuffre includes five other Epstein accusers, including three who are speaking publicly for the first time.

Giuffre repeats accusations she has made in court papers that when she was 17 in 2001 she was forced to have sex with Andrew. A photo released by a New York appeals court in August shows Andrew with his arm around Giuffre's bare waist. Giuffre says it was taken in the apartment of Epstein's longtime girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001.

"The first time in London I was so young," Giuffre tells Dateline. "Ghislaine woke me up in the morning and said you're going to meet a prince today."

"I didn't know at that point I was going to be trafficked to that prince."


"Ghislaine said he's coming back to the house and I want you do to for him what you do for Epstein," she says in the interview. "I couldn't believe it."

This is pretty disgusting if true.  I've never had anything against Prince Andrew or the U.K. royals in general, but do I believe her?  I do.

It raises the unhappy specter of problems in the British royal family.

If the charges against Andrew are true, it pretty well meant he acted as royals in past centuries did — think Henry VIII — who did whatever they wanted with whomever they wanted, bourgeois values be damned. 

That might be all right in one of those centuries and probably on the continent or in some Oriental satrapy beyond, but for the British royal family, that's problematic, since the country has evolved into a democracy, with the royals maintained largely as figureheads.  The royals now earn their keep with the public by presenting a proudly middle class image, with middle-class values, as a means of identifying with a democratic people, which up until now has worked.  They are, of course, the epitome of class.

Andrew's scandal suggests that maybe on the side, out of the limelight, things might just be different.  He is a useless guy, after all, probably bored with charity work, and such setups, in the middle-class parlance are the devil's workshop.  The fact that his accused deeds were done in secret, and that he vehemently denies them, rather suggests that the middle-class picture was a façade.  And he's trying to keep the status quo.

Combine this recrudescent divine right of kings with additional broken conventions of woke global warming politics coming from Prince Harry and his Hollywood-values wife Duchess Meghan, and the royal family has an exposed hypocrisy problem, a number of them acting as rich wastrels while pretending to hold middle-class values.

This is not a good look for the royals, whose upkeep is increasingly subject to political debate in the U.K.  Most of the British like having the royal family around, but only to have a fine standard for their own middle-class values and to have a standard of classiness.  When the standard splits off into king's prerogatives and woke left-wingery, the rationale for keeping them starts to crumble.  This could indeed be a problem for them, and sadly, the deeds have been done.

One can only hope Queen Elizabeth is strong enough to stage some kind of intervention.  What's obvious enough so far is that she's kept herself on the throne for good reason.

Image credit: Photo illustration by Monica Showalter from public domain sources.

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