Tulsi Gabbard rejects Dems' abortion absolutism. Is she preparing for an independent run or a 2024 run?

The shabby treatment accorded to Tulsi Gabbard by the DNC marks how afraid the establishment of that party is of anyone who challenges key parts of its orthodoxy.  Despite exceeding the threshold for individual donations, and four poll results above 2%, she was excluded from the debate stage in Houston this week on the flimsy pretext that there was something wrong with some of her polls, so the DNC would not recognize them.  The exact criteria for recognizing a poll remains unstated by the Democrats.

She unloaded on the DNC yesterday:

But even more importantly, on Sunday she came out against late-term abortion, heresy for a national Democrat, so enthralled to the abortion fanatics is the party.  Kylie Zempel reported it on The Federalist:

2020 Democratic presidential contender and Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said she opposes third-trimester abortions during a conversation Sunday with Dave Rubin on his YouTube talk show "The Rubin Report."

Rubin asked Gabbard about her stance on abortion, taking a particular interest in the pro-choice congresswoman's perspective since she used to be pro-life, while Rubin has inversely evolved in his beliefs.

"How did you evolve on this?" Rubin asked.

"Really just in understanding the role of government," Gabbard replied, describing her position as "more libertarian."

"Government really shouldn't be in that place of dictating to a woman the choice that she should make." Gabbard continued, "I think that there should be some restrictions, though."

The presidential candidate said she would not personally choose to abort, but said, "I don't believe that I should be telling anybody else the kinds of decisions that they should make for themselves or for their family. … A woman should have the right to choose."

Rubin cut her off, asking whether the congresswoman has "a cut-off point for that."

"I think the third trimester, unless a woman's life or severe health consequences is at risk, then there shouldn't be an abortion in the third trimester."

Roger Luchs thinks she understands that the pathetic Democrat field is going to be defeated, and she is preparing herself for 2024, when the possibly sobered up party gets back to a set of positions acceptable to a majority of American voters.  He emails:

She's effectively saying that Trump's going to win in 2020 so I'll announce now. 

By the way, watch Pelosi — she's using wacko left like Nadler raise funds for the party, but has likely figured out Trump going to win bigtime next year, maybe even win back the House.

She is probably standing back, letting wacko left of her party blow everything, so she can pick up the pieces for 2024.  Meaning she and Gabbard may be talking.

Maybe so.  But my long-shot hope is that she launches a third-party bid for president.  My take on her is that she is more concerned about ideas and policy than being a Democrat.

Either way, her treatment by the Democrats is shameful.

Photo credit: Grabien screen grab.

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