Trump wins with the votes of people who don't like him

Three years ago, President Trump was elected because he isn't Hillary Clinton.  But he won't have her to kick around in 2020.  And none of the Democrats running is as bad as Hillary when it comes to turning off voters.  She's in a league of her own. Of the 54% of the public that disapproves of Trump, I'd wager that a third of them have some sort of stake in the stock market.  Of all Americans, 52% own stocks. So say you've got 18% of voters who a) have a piece of the market and b) don't like Trump.  Right now they're telling pollsters they won't vote for Trump.  Come election day, a lot of them will have a change of heart.  They won't admit it to pollsters.  They might not admit it to their own family.  Trump is a controversial man.  But in the privacy of the polling booth, they'll ask themselves, "Do I really want to vote for the...(Read Full Post)
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