Think of the economic disaster if Obama or any Democrats running were president when Saudi oil fields were attacked

Thank goodness Trump is President, considering the attack on Saudi oil.  Think of what a disaster it would be if we had Obama as president or any of the Democrats running, all of whom want to get rid of fossil fuels and stop drilling and fracking.  President Obama and others said we couldn't drill our way to independence, and we have been told for decades that we were running out of oil.  They were obviously 100% wrong.  Obama also blocked pipelines. Think of how harmful it would be to the U.S. economy today, and especially the poor and middle class, if we had an oil shock because we were dependent on foreign oil.  The price spike above $100 per barrel in 2008 contributed greatly to the recession in 2008 because it greatly reduced the money people and businesses had to spend on other things. In 2016, at the end of Obama's term, he was blocking drilling, and oil production was under nine million barrels per...(Read Full Post)
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