The stupidest moment of all in last night's Democrat debate

I realize that there is a lot of competition, but one proposal made by a Democrat presidential candidate stands out for sheer idiocy.  Even a moment's reflection would indicate that if carried out, this proposal would be a disaster.

The prize goes to Joe Biden, unsurprisingly.

He actually asserted, "Nobody should be in jail for a non-violent crime."

Seriously, he said that:

Let's start with tax evasion.  From now on, the claim that the federal income tax is "voluntary" would be true.  No more jail for people who don't pay their taxes.  I wonder how the CBO would score the impact on the federal budget.

And that goes for fraud of all sorts.  If you get cheated in a shady investment scheme, or if a con man charms you out of your retirement account, so be it.  Maybe you get some of your money back, maybe not.  But the crook ain't going to jail.

Financial crimes of all sorts would no longer result in jail time.

Does anyone want to live in a society like that?

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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