The meaning of 'Howdy, Modi'

The Left paints Donald Trump as one who hates immigrants so much that he deliberately breaks up families among illegals trying to sneak into the U.S.  This absurd idea ignores complex realities at the border (such as the truth, which is the polar opposite of Leftist propaganda), not to mention that legal immigrants tend to be among the president's strongest backers.

Trump joined a huge welcome for Indian president Modi at NRG Stadium in Dem-dominated Houston, where 50,000 enthusiastic Indian-Americans loudly vocalized their approval of both presidents.  A clever marketer dubbed the evening, "Howdy, Modi!"

It has been pointed out that Asian Indians are natural Trump allies with their respect for education and the law and their business acumen.  Many of us know Indians as the guys running a corner market or a motel; many are also doctors, educators, and computer techs.

The Houston rally is among the larger crowds ever drawn to a political event in the U.S.  One imagines Trump capitalizing by, again in Houston or perhaps Phoenix, staging a rally with President Lopez ("Hello, AMLO!") out of Mexico.  Unacknowledged by the Left and not reported on by the leftist media, latinos are also natural Trump allies who voice strong support for the wall and enforcement of the law against illegals.

"Howdy, Modi!" means that while Illegals may vote Dem, legal immigrants vote Deplorable.  These twin rallies would emphatically and undeniably refute the leftist media's barrage of hate-Trump immigration propaganda.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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