The impenetrable, gloomy rage of the Democrat presidential candidates

"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured."
―Mark Twain

The Democrat candidates for president exude nothing but bilious anger and hatred for the president and his supporters.  Not one of them ever utters a positive word, an optimistic word, or a hopeful word.  Their torturous town hall on the fake crisis of climate change was seven hours of vitriol and the revelation of each candidate's ridiculous scheme to destroy the American economy and quality of life.  The only differences among them were the costs of their pie-in-the-sky plans to solve a non-problem and how fast they would be implemented.

One thing was made clear: these are the most hate-filled and, at the same time, the most ignorant group of people ever to grace a stage.  If they actually think their relentless fear-mongering on an issue only the socialists and communists pretend to care about will work, they are likely very wrong.  Anyone older than thirty has heard all the dire threats for decades and knows they are just political ploys to gain control over the lives of Americans.  Most polls show that blaming human activity for climate change falls on deaf ears.  And it's obvious that the celebrities and pols touting it don't believe it, either.  They feel entitled to live their extravagantly fossil-fueled lives with impunity.  It's only the rest of us who must knuckle under their draconian restrictions on how we live: no air travel, no gas-powered cars, no meat, no coal, no fracking so no natural gas, etc.  They all support post-birth abortion and the silly notion that there are more than two sexes.  This crop of moonbats is certifiably insane.  (Note that not one CNN host, thoroughly ignorant on the issue as well, asked the candidates where the power to charge all those electric cars might come from.) 

Watch a montage of Warren, Biden, Booker, Harris, Beto, et al., and you might mistake it for outtakes from SNL.  With Beto's profanity and absurd arm gestures, Biden's sad confusion about nearly everything, Harris's capitulation to the anti–law enforcement crowd, and Buttigieg's phony Christian lecturing, it is a sad commentary on the quality of these people who have risen to compete for the presidency.  No intellectual firepower among them — none.  All they do is rant and rave about Trump's lack of intellect, his incompetence, his tweets that amuse and inform his supporters.

But Trump has run rings around them all — on the economy, on jobs, manufacturing, the border despite their intransigence, de-regulation, prison reform, foreign policy, etc. — and they are all left sputtering their fury at his success.  They are apoplectic that they have yet to take him down despite all the tricks of the trade employed by the FBI, DOJ, and CIA.  So desperate are they that they are still going for impeachment.  How dumb is that?  Wasn't it Buddha that said anger is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die?  Indeed.

The Democrats, so filled with rage and resentment since Trump won the election, have turned into shriveled up shells of their former selves, spewing their spiteful rage into every open mic.  Not one of them has a nice word to say about our country or our future.  Each one of them is bleak and depressing, channeling the alarmist prescription for a pre-industrial, almost medieval America.  Their grim formula for our future, though, will not be theirs; they will still have their millions, their mansions, their private jets, their armed security guards.  This lot of virtue-signaling leftist elites in Congress and their counterparts among the media and entertainment celebrities will never give up an iota of their privileged lives.  Their hypocrisy is absolutely stunning.  It proves they care not one bit for the country and its people, but only for themselves.  They think that because they are angry, they have the right to be cruel, and cruel they are — to Trump, his family, and his supporters.  No indictment of their personhood is too crude.

The Clintons and the Obamas all became fabulously wealthy during and after their terms in the White House.  Just how did they do that?  We know more about the Clintons and their foundation that was a pay-to-play scheme for access to power and preference, like the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium to Russia.  It is still a mystery, aside from their books and Netflix, how the Obamas did it, but they are obviously not worried about the seas rising any time soon.  Their $15M mansion is on the water at Martha's Vineyard.  And they travel to the world's most luxurious places with abandon.  Elizabeth Warren is a multi-millionaire, but she, like Bernie Sanders, promises to raise taxes on everyone else to pay for health care for all, even illegal migrants.  Yeah, that will work. 

Bottom line?  The Democrats have nothing to offer but their wrath, their incalculable rage.  When any one of them speaks, it is to shriek, blame, bluster, and fume.  They have no respect for Trump, so they have none for the office of the president, nor for those who voted for him.  They name-call like middle-school bullies.  Who among us looks forward to that for the next four years?  No one except those equally deranged by Trump's successful leadership. 

These candidates and their partners in Congress believe they are a better, more enlightened species than those of us who are grateful for Trump and his attempt to restore to America the values we all once took for granted.  These president wannabes believe that their intentions are righteous, as righteous as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao believed their intentions to be.  But they are foolish and destructive.  Thankfully, American voters are vastly smarter than this slate of candidates, each of whom is crippled by the acid of his anger. 

Image: Guardian News via YouTube.

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