The climate 'strike' that wasn't one

It wasn't just schoolchildren who left their responsibilities behind yesterday in order to agitate for a radical left-wing political agenda:

The Global Climate Strike umbrella group not only wants a ban on all fossil fuels by as soon as 2030, but it also advocates making "reparations" of billions of pounds to developing countries suffering the effects of climate change(snip)

The group calls for a complete switch to renewable energy by the end of the next decade, while at the same time banning nuclear power.

But it also advocates a fundamental change to the way food is grown, distributed and consumed, which some economists warn would see a return to a pre-industrial agricultural economy.

The group's manifesto wants to "facilitate and support non-market approaches to climate action", and "respect and enable non-corporate, community-led climate solutions that recognise the traditional knowledge, practices, wisdom and resilience of indigenous peoples and local communities". 

Joining the innocent minors duped by their indoctrination were employees of nonprofits.  A reader in Chicago sent us a note from the Field Museum's P.R. staff to employees:

Climate "strike" demonstrators in Chicago (YouTube screen grab).

Hi everyone,

Today, we're joining Chicago activists in the global Climate Strike, walking from Grant Park to Federal Plaza to demand action on climate change. As an advocate for the Earth, the Field Museum is excited to join in these advocacy efforts. Chief Curiosity Correspondent Emily Graslie will serve as one of the strike's speakers, and we'll be offering free basic admission to Illinois residents after the strike ends at 1pm.

Here's the full event schedule:

10:30am: FM staff depart from North steps

11am: Climate Strike gathering starts in Grant Park  

11:20am: Start marching to Federal Plaza

11:50am: Arrive at Federal Plaza

12pm: Begin speakers/rally

1pm: End rally

If you've gotten approval from your manager to join the strike, meet us at the museum's North Entrance at 10:30am for a group photo with your Climate Strike t-shirts and signs. (If you have not gotten a t-shirt yet, there are a limited number of t-shirts and plenty of sign-making materials in the HR conference room.)

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to the PR team at Can't wait to advocate for our planet alongside you all today.

The reader asks a fundamental question: how is it a strike if they are getting paid?

Almost nobody who participated in any of this "strike" suffered any consequences.  The children were mostly excused, and the workers were paid.  It was not a strike, it was an institutional propaganda exercise.

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