The American Dream beats the Socialist Dream every time

As we approach yet another election, we find ourselves listening to a host of voices trying to get our attention.  We tune most of them out as noise.  Even though my wife and I are strong Trump-supporters (in most areas), we've stopped watching his rallies.  We've heard the message and don't need to hear it again. There are a significant number of potential voters who are too busy to tune in or are baffled by the conflicting claims that saturate the news channels.  They're too tired or uninterested to read about "The Unchanging Principles of Conservatism Defined."  They want a quick answer without all the fluff.  Can we inject clarity into this babble? In a sound-bite world, truth needs to be crystallized.  When Left and right both say they want to promote "the American Dream," it's obvious that they aren't talking about the same thing.  So let's...(Read Full Post)
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