Surprise! IAEA finds uranium traces in Tehran, where Netanyahu told it to look

Samples taken by investigators from the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency at the so-called "secret atomic warehouse" in Tehran — where Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told them to look — have come up glowing. Iran has yet to explain those traces of uranium, says the nuclear watchdog agency, according to two diplomats who are tightly connected with the agency's inspection work. According to Reuters, a quarterly IAEA report issued a week ago did not mention the sample results because inspection-related matters are highly confidential.  But it did say Iran's cooperation could be better. Better.  Uh...yeah!  And so could IAEA's communications, not to say honesty, on the matter, even with the need for secrecy.  But don't expect it. Although Prime Minister Netanyahu is too restrained and too diplomatic while President Donald Trump  is not, now...(Read Full Post)
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