Speaking tour by Palestinian youth 'journalist' exposes Chicago-based Islamists

A young Palestinian journalist described as the youngest press card holder in the world was on a tour of the United States last month, with a stop in Chicago.  But critics say the teenager is little more than a spokeswoman for anti-Israel propaganda promoted by groups with extremist ties. Janna Jihad, who is 13 years old, is credentialed with the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate and is currently on a P.R. tour in the USA, sponsored by the South African organization Shamsaan. Janna Jihad interviewed on South African TV (YouTube screen grab). The syndicate has a reputation for spreading anti-Israel propaganda over factual reporting.  In a conference sponsored by the Syrian regime in 2017, Nasser Abdullah Salim Abu Baker, the syndicate's secretary general, stressed that "the Israeli occupation is the main enemy of the Arab world and was behind the so-called 'Arab Spring' with the intention of dividing and fragmenting the Arab...(Read Full Post)
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