Spate of illegal alien rapes in sanctuary Montgomery County, Maryland draws large local protest

It's finally happening.  Hundreds of residents of very blue Montgomery County, Maryland are starting to march in the streets against their local government's sanctuary policies.  The policies benefit violent illegal aliens such as rapists, and county officials have dismissed anyone who might not like it in the same pot as "neo-Nazis."

According to the Daily Caller:

At least eight illegal immigrants [sic] have been charged with rape or some other sexual crime in Montgomery County since July 25. In several cases, the victims have been underage girls — one of them was allegedly held at knifepoint as she was raped. The charges have drawn questions over the Promoting Community Trust Executive Order, an executive order signed by Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich in July that largely forbids local authorities from cooperating with ICE agents.

A reported 300 local protesters (and given the press's obvious disdain for them in their reports — I had to sort through a lot of biased, distorted, stories — maybe more) demonstrated against a recent sanctuary city order to block cooperation with ICE agents, leading to a spate of illegal alien rapes on young girls. 

Author and investigative reporter Michelle Malkin spoke out, and she noted that her crowd was very diverse.  So did several top Republican activists, including Seb Gorka and Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton, signaling that maybe this is a center of action — high-profile people like that don't just go to any protest.

Nearby Prince George's County in Maryland and northern Washington, D.C. have also had problems with gruesome murders from these child migrants under sanctuary protection and have seen community resistance from a well heeled area, as I noted here, so it's something of a pattern.

The Montgomery County Federation of Republican Women had a summary of the problem:

We are Montgomery County mothers, grandmothers, professional women and stay-at-home moms who once again call upon all our county elected officials to focus their efforts on protecting everyone in Montgomery County, including the most vulnerable in our county — young women and girls, especially those in our immigrant communities.

Criminals and gang members should not have the opportunity to prey on young girls. What kind of elected officials would choose to give "sanctuary" to those who commit such acts, when they have every opportunity and resource to remove them BEFORE they cause such human devastation.

We are outraged and horrified by the seven rapes in Montgomery County reported in August alone, of innocent young women and girls, some as young as 11 years old.

Further, we are shocked and deeply disappointed that the Montgomery County Council chose to use its official position to issue an outrageously ideological statement. They chose to describe Montgomery County residents and all those who voiced a justifiable and sincere outrage over these reported crimes, as "Neo-Nazi sympathizers" which only foments hate and division in the county, in order to deflect away from their failure as our elected officials.

Here's the piously politically correct statement they referred to, calling anyone who wants ICE to deport illegal aliens who go on to commit rape as people in the league of neo-Nazis. 

In the statement, the officials claim to deplore rape, but, well, they certainly aren't going to do anything out of the ordinary to prevent more victims.

This statement by the county executive, Mark Elrich, pretty well signals the attitude:

You shouldn't be focusing on seven rapes — there were like 500 in the county last year," Elrich said. "Our number is actually going down over the years so it's hardly, for having the growing immigrant population and we've got declining crime — but these two things don't match with their narrative.

He doesn't seem to understand that if such people weren't in the country in the first place, the rapes wouldn't have happened.  Far as he's concerned, these foreigners, same as all other people who've broken U.S. immigration law, all deserve sanctuary protection.

And here's how bad it is:

Elrich signed the Promoting Community Trust Executive Order on July 22. In it, county employees including the police are unable to assist federal immigration authorities without of warrant signed by a judge. An administrative warrant or immigration detainer is insufficient.

And most reporting holds a sense that the officials are likely to ignore the matter.

But it's significant that a protest happened. The county is deep blue and overwhelmingly votes for Democrats. Like the bordering Takoma neighborhood of Washington, D.C. which protested the placing of a child migrant detention center in their neighborhood, the sanctuary stuff is getting out of control, with zero balance for the interests of the locals.

According to Bethesda magazine:

And the fact that more than 300 people traveled to Rockville to attend a pro-ICE rally, she added, should make Montgomery County officials sit up and take notice.

"I think it's a sign of how deep our discontent really runs," Joyce said. "We're not going to stand by silent anymore."

According to WUSA 9:

Jonathan King attended the protest with his son. King said the order doesn't go far enough to crack down on illegal immigration.

"The people who've been ruling us in Montgomery County have been shoving this stuff down our throat, they say it's OK, it's good," King said. "And it's not okay, there are laws that are being broken."

The Daily Caller reported that it was unlikely that these officials will give a darn, given their dismissal of local protestors as neo-Nazis, but there are signs that the protests could be a beginning - Elrich, in one report, said he was "willing to revisit" where ICE agents can come to pick up convicted rapists and killers. That's far from a statement of righting a wrong, but it is a sign he's feeling the heat. 

Good. People like that need to feel as much heat as possible. Maybe these protests signal that a tide may be turning.

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