So famous lefty feminist lawyer Lisa Bloom offered to plant stories to trash Harvey Weinstein's victims?

To get a whiff of just how corrupted and hypocritical the blue establishment is, a new book from New York Times reporters Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor delivers the goods.

Their upcoming She Said details what they went through to report the Harvey Weinstein story and focuses on the huge network of Weinstein enablers (all of whom were, incidentally, on the Left).  Probably the worst character among them was Weinstein's famous feminist attorney, Lisa Bloom, who up until that point, had been a much celebrated defender of sex harassment victims, same as her mother, attorney Gloria Allred.

The Times review, by lefty feminist icon Susan Faludi, is positive, as you might expect, and some of its analysis is off, but nevertheless, it is well worth reading for its awful details about Bloom:

Kantor and Twohey broke the Weinstein story. Their 3,300-word Times article on Oct. 5, 2017, aired allegations against him that had been piling up as whispers and rumors for 30 years. That report, and the ones to follow, were grounded in scores of interviews with actresses and current and former employees, supplemented by legal filings, corporate records and internal company communications that documented a thick web of cover-ups, bullying tactics and confidential settlements. It was bravura journalism.

"We watched with astonishment as a dam wall broke," Kantor and Twohey write of the response to that first article. A day after it was published, so many women phoned The Times to report allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Weinstein that the paper had to assign additional reporters to handle the calls.

But of course.  When establishment lefties go after other establishment lefties, you have a classic Man Bites Dog story, and it's naturally going to draw attention.

Here's the lowdown on Bloom:

Maybe the most appalling figure in this constellation of collaborators and enablers is Lisa Bloom, Allred's daughter. A lawyer likewise known for winning sexual-harassment settlements with nondisclosure agreements, Bloom was retained by Weinstein (who had also bought the movie rights to her book). In a jaw-dropping memo to Weinstein, Bloom itemized her game plan: Initiate "counterops online campaigns," place articles in the press painting one of his accusers as a "pathological liar," start a Weinstein Foundation "on gender equality" and hire a "reputation management company" to suppress negative articles on Google. Oh, and this gem: "You and I come out publicly in a pre-emptive interview where you talk about evolving on women's issues, prompted by death of your mother, Trump pussy grab tape and, maybe, nasty unfounded hurtful rumors about you. … You should be the hero of the story, not the villain. This is very doable."

So Lisa Bloom (as well as Lanny Davis, Anita Dunn, and other left wing lawyers affiliated with the Clinton and Obama years), who rushed to defend Weinstein, had a Fusion GPS–style operation to trash Weinstein's accusers by painting them as pathological liars and planting sick stories in the press to do it.  And there was a willing media corps that might have done it, but Twohey's and Kantor's story (as well as Ronan Farrow's) was airtight.

Bloom sounded so confident and practiced in her email — it inevitably raises questions about where she learned that sort of thing.  Could it be that what's been going on in politics has now started to corrupt the legal profession?  And "we'll just have to win," as Bill Clinton famously said, is now the standard for even the supposed idealists who defend sex harassment victims?  And easily convert that kind of legal practice into a defense of their predators?  Just astonishing what the Left is willing to do, if the reporting is correct.

After that, she went on to get her name in the news on other dear-to-lefties matters, such as advocating on Twitter, at least, for now-exposed-as-politically-motivated Christine Blasey Ford.  The lefties clapped.

Here's another problem: Bloom sat on the board of Weinstein's film company and might have (according to more than one source) wanted Weinstein to make it "rain" for her by converting her book on the Trayvon Martin case into a miniseries, meaning big bucks for her, according to the book.  If so, all about the money?  One wonders how many so-called public interest lawyers on the left might be as susceptible to such a venal thing.  Bloom in the end said she made a "mistake" in representing Weinstein for $895-an-hour legal work, according to the book, but it sounds more as though she got caught.

Faludi goes off the rails in her analysis when she claims the #MeToo movement started not with Weinstein, but with Donald Trump.

[Kantor and Twohey's] series of articles in many ways ignited the #MeToo movement, already smoldering in the atmosphere of frustration after reports of Donald Trump's alleged sexual predations (a story that Twohey broke with another reporter) and the release of the "Access Hollywood" tape failed to slow the reality star's march to the White House. 

It's always about pinning the pervert on Trump, isn't it? Happened with Jeffrey Epstein, now happening with Harvey Weinstein, a longtime Democrat donor.

Actually, Trump has been accused of bad behavior all right, but Faludi's original argument, that a vast network of leftist establishmentarians protecting the likes of Weinstein is how the whole thing was very different. Trump never had a network of anyone protecting him the way Weinstein (and for that matter, Clinton's other good buddy, Jeffrey Epstein) did. Lanny Davis, a Clinton-affiliated lawyer, was busy defending Weinstein, and he also defended Clinton from news reports of his associations with Epstein. Anita Dunn, the Obama advisor who had a Mao poster on her wall, served as an unpaid "advisor" to Weinstein to protect him, too.

Were Weinstein's and Epstein's donations to Democrat causes what was going on? We know about the mini-series potential deal. But why otherwise prominent Democrats and leftists would leap forward to protect Weinstein -- including even to the point of using Fusion-GPS style smear and plant tactics with a willing press, points to a potential campaign donation nexus, too.

The bottom line here is that Bloom's case and all the others likely cited is an unintentional indictment of the leftist establishment and its astonishing unscrupulousness. It underlines what Lindsey Graham said during the left's Bret Kavanaugh attack: 'Y'all want power and I sure hope you never get it."

Hat tip: Roger Luchs, via Conservative Daily News.

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