Rep. Susan Davis (D-Calif) packs it in -- and the crazed leftist circle

Longtime Democratic Party dinosaur Susan Davis is retiring from her senior seat in Congress. She's a Berkeley-bred leftist from the '60s, and normally, that might be a welcome exit. Except when you look at what's lining up to replace her. As a born-and-raised resident of her 53rd district, it's enough to give the willies. Davis was a relatively moderate Democrat, actually, who focused on military family issues, and never too loud and mouthy, which probably averaged and matched the contradictory character of her district in her time. Her 53rd district itself is very middle class, with the conservative remnants of the old defense community that won the Cold War but later atomized into the 'falling down' community at its center (with many fleeing). What's left is the hipster Hillcrest and North Park communities and the gentrifying Balboa Park area, with the whole thing anchored on the...(Read Full Post)
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