Power player: Boris Johnson puts the muscle to U.K.'s Tory wets

Boris Johnson is proving himself quite a power player. It wasn't just his daring move to secure from the Queen a rare shutdown of parliament, the better to checkmate his opponents from gathering forces to force yet another extension of a deadline on Britain's effort to remain in the European Union, something they've managed to do several times. Or, for that matter to put the muzzle on the left's efforts to throw him out, something they're going to have a hard time of in the short period of time between now and the Oct. 31 Brexit deadline. He's now going after the opponents in his own party, warning them that if they put in some maneuver to join forces with the far left in order to stay in the European Union just a little longer, they're going to get booted from the party of Margaret Thatcher -- and will be out on their ears. The U.K.'s parliamentary system actually can require "party discipline" rather more severely than the...(Read Full Post)
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