Pelosi's 'impeach Trump' announcement a bad, bad sign for our republic

Yesterday, House speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the first steps are being taken to impeach President Donald Trump.  While few people actually believe that these actions will result in the disclosure of any offense on the part of the president or in a formal impeachment vote, the actions signify that what once made America function so much better than any previous nation is now lost. In the hotly contested election of 1800, the Democratic-Republican Party — led by Thomas Jefferson — won the presidency and control of Congress.  This was not a mere transition of the gavel from one hand to the next.  Each of the two sides believed that the future of the nation was at stake.  The Federalists believed in a strong central government and ties to the British crown.  The Democratic-Republican party favored decentralization to the states. Still, when the election was over, the Federalists conceded power to the party led by...(Read Full Post)
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