Obvious questions that somehow the Democrat moderators haven't asked during the first five debates

Health Care

Why do you think life expectancy started to decline unexpectedly after Obamacare went into effect?

In 2009, President Obama and other Democrats continually lied that with Obamacare, you could keep your doctor and keep your health plan, and premiums would go down substantially.  Instead, freedom of choice was taken away, and premiums, out-of-pocket expenses, and deductibles skyrocketed.  So why should the public believe Democrats' promises today that you can have a choice of doctors and your costs will go down?

Why do you tell the public that Medicare for all will pay for everything when there are many limits on Medicare?

Shouldn't the public be told that Medicare pays bonuses to hospitals if they don't readmit as many patients after thirty days?  Isn't that essentially encouraging hospitals to deny care to people with pre-existing conditions?

If the Democrats get their way on government-run health care, millions of good private-sector jobs will be lost, and hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars in stock value, real estate, and bond value will be lost.  The federal and state governments will lose substantial income and Social Security tax revenue.  State and local governments will lose sales, property, and other taxes and fees.  Severely underfunded public pension plans will become more severely underfunded.  How will the Democrats fill all these gaps?


Did President Obama contribute to the drug overdose crisis by dictatorially stopping a years-long investigation into a billion-dollar-a-year drug-running operation by terrorists to appease Iran?

How many people have died from terrorism and drug overdoses because of Obama's actions?

Should the federal government be sued along with drug companies for helping to fuel the drug overdose crisis because it didn't enforce the border very well and allowed drug running to continue?


Why is it racist to enforce immigration laws that Congress passed?

Presidents Clinton and Obama, along with Sen. Schumer and other Democrats, said similar things about illegal aliens as Trump, so why weren't they called racists?

Isn't it racist to continue to abort black and brown babies at such a high rate compared to their share of the population?

Does the Democrats' complete devotion to Planned Parenthood help fulfill its founder's wish to build a cleaner race?

Since the Democrats say they are the party of science, when is the only scientific date that a human life can begin?

Why do Democrats continue to support prevailing wage laws such as the Davis Bacon Act, which is racist in intent, which have oppressed minorities and taxpayers for almost ninety years?  Is it because they are beholden to the big money from labor unions?

Doesn't the fact that Democrats didn't push for reparations while Obama and Biden were in office show that they are just pandering for votes and have no intent that it will ever happen?

Why do Democrats continue to lie about what President Trump said about Charlottesville in order to gin up racial hate and division?

If the statues and murals were so racist and divisive, why weren't there protests and actions to take them down during Obama/Biden or in previous years?

Why do Democrats continue to spread the lies about Ferguson, Missouri, which have been used to gin up racial hate and violence and especially hate of cops?

How many cops have been killed because of the false "hands up, don't shoot" narrative?

Isn't the term "white privilege" a purely racist term to gin up racial hate and division?

Why have the Democrats played the race card for decades?  Would they rather keep minorities dependent on government than give them opportunities to move up the economic ladder?  Why won't Democrats admit how well minorities have done under Trump's economic policies?

Climate Change/Fossil Fuels

How would people from the Bahamas be evacuated without the benefit of planes and boats that are powered by fossil fuels?

When you get rid of gasoline, how will you fund roads and bridges?  What tax will replace it?

What do you replace plastics, asphalt, and the thousands of other products derived from crude oil with?

Why do you call people who say truthfully that the climate is changing and has always changed cyclically and naturally "climate change deniers"?  Is it because you want to mislead the public?

In 1922, the Washington Post and other newspapers said coastal cities would soon disappear because of warming.  In 1970, on the first Earth Day, billions were going to starve soon due to a food shortage because of global cooling.  In 1989, the U.N. said there were only ten years left to save the Earth because of global warming.  Why should we believe the current predictions, which are the same as the ones in 1922 and 1989, when previous predictions have been 100% wrong?

Why are the Democrats always running on fear?  They seek to scare the public, especially the children, and the solution is always to transfer more freedom, power and huge amounts of money to the very wealthy DC area?

Why should the public believe that Democrats can control temperatures, sea levels and storm activity forever when they didn't keep their promises on Obamacare and can't balance the budget?

Shouldn't government policies be based on facts instead of inaccurate, manipulated computer models and wild guess predictions?

Constitution and Rule of Law

President Obama repeatedly said the Constitution didn't allow him to dictatorially change immigration law but did it anyway with DACA. Is it OK for a President to violate the Constitution if Congress doesn't do what they like?

Can sanctuary cities and states pick and choose whatever laws they like?


Houston has 2.3 million people. Chicago has 2.7 Million people or 17% more. They have similar demographics, with both cities having a little less than half of their population being white. Houston has very lenient gun laws and lots of gun shops. Chicago has very strict gun laws and very few places to buy guns. Yet from 2016 through 2018 Chicago had 1,960 homicides and Houston 850, so Chicago had 130% more. Why did Houston have so many fewer homicides per population vs. Chicago if the availability of guns is the problem? Doesn't the cause have to be something else?

Did you realize homicides are down nationwide in Trump's first two years vs. Obama's last year?

When the Nazis took away the guns in Germany, did that make the people safer or more vulnerable?

Political Corruption

Isn't the biggest example of political corruption for decades when the Obama White House, the Justice Department, the intelligence agencies and the State Department colluded with the Hillary campaign and the DNC to defeat Trump before the election and to take him out after the election with a fictional document created by a foreign national who hated Trump?

Is it ever proper for the FBI to get warrants to spy on and send informants into an opponent's presidential campaign?

Was it proper for people within the Obama administration to shake down businesses and have slush funds at CFPB, Justice and the EPA that they used for political purposes and to reward political supporters?

Was Hillary corrupt when her family and her Foundation got huge amounts of money from foreign sources?

Should Russia have received permission to buy United States uranium assets accompanied by huge amounts of money sent to the Clinton Foundation from interested parties?

Corporate Greed vs. Government Greed

Doesn't too much power in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats lead to corruption?

Have you ever seen a country collapse because the private sector had too much money and freedom?

Have countries throughout history collapsed when the government got too much power and money?

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