New York Times 1619 Project editor spews string of racist and Jew-hating tweets

What kind of racist and anti-Semitic hellhole is the New York Times turning into?

In an original news report that was somehow not on Google, Breitbart News reported that another New York Times editor, Jazmine Hughes, who had worked on the America-condemning 1619 Project, issued a recent string of racist and anti-Semitic tweets:

Jazmine Hughes, an associate editor of the New York Times Magazine, has made a series of racist and antisemitic comments on social media over a multi-year span. A number of the tweets came from Hughes's personal account, which is associated with her Times email, after she was hired by the outlet in April 2015 and continued well into 2017.

Breitbart News has been able to confirm the authenticity of the tweets, which are still visible on Hughes's page at the time of the publication of this story. While Twitter has not officially verified Hughes' account, her official New York Times website biography links to the account, confirming it is in fact hers.

Hughes is a high-profile New York Times editor. Forbes highlighted her on its 2018 "30 Under 30" list of influential media figures. The business magazine even conducted a brief interview with her, where she promoted herself as a champion of "diverse storytelling," in the words of Forbes.

That's four of them that we know about.  And this one comes off as more low-information stupid than the others, judging by the tweets seen here.

Editorial writer Sarah Jeong made a string of anti-white tweets that were out there for everyone to see as she got hired.  Political editor Tom Wright-Piersanti spewed a host of anti-Semitic tweets such as "Crappy Jew Year," supposedly from college.  Just five days ago, editorial assistant Gina Cherelus was found to have thrown out a string of anti-Hispanic "wetback" tweets, as well as anti-Asian and anti-gay tweets, and now we have this charmer, a magazine editor from the 1619 Project, supposedly about the evils of racism, tweeting out that whites are "dumb" and "yes inDEED Jews are good with money."  Apparently, she didn't think the problem of "racism" applied to her. 

So many racists, so little time, as Don Trump, Jr. noted.  Funny how he has no racist tweets to speak of, yet he (and his dad) are the very ones the Times paints as The Big Racists.

These Times staffers are all leftists, yet unlike ordinary Americans, they tweet racism like crazy.  The first three made their cursory apologies without consequences (I have my doubts that the fourth one will), and they're still in the business. 

Why is this happening?  In a way, it looks as though it might be a function of living in New York, the New York that Tom Wolfe described, of seething ethic blocs all at each other's throats.

But that still stands in stark contrast to what the political correctness they prescribe to the rest of the country calls for — the polite fictions, the woke politics, the snowflake sensitivity, the perfect P.C. truisms.  They browbeat us for that as if we we're the ones out there tweeting this stuff, but they are.  They preach this stuff and then feel free to spew the racist and anti-Semitic and anti-gay tweets themselves, as some sort of left-skin privilege reserved for the elites. 

Such hypocrites.  Anyone out there preaching woke virtue-signaling and claiming to be the pinnacle of journalism ought to be pristine-clean in keeping his racism to himself.  These people aren't.  They promote racism on their own Twitter feeds, in large numbers, yet want the public to maintain perfect political correctness.  They aren't shy about taking down ordinary schmoes who violate these codes.  They constantly promote those "honest conversations" about race.

And here we are, looking on as we see the foremost purveyors of racism, anti-gay slurs, and anti-Semitism coming from the Times itself.  What a memorable picture.

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