New Rambo movie tells the brutal truth about Mexico

It remains to be seen if the latest incarnation of Rambo will attract audiences.  Most of those who go to movie theaters these days are likely unfamiliar with all the earlier incarnations of Stallone's Rambo films.  The first was in 1982, First Blood.  It dealt, in exaggerated form, with the anger and resentment toward the returning vets from Vietnam.  The Left's intolerance for our military was as egregious then as it is now.  For inexplicable reasons, leftists loathe our first line of defense against our enemies, whom they always seem to revere or defend.  "It was ever thus," to quote Una Merkel in the original Parent Trap.

So for those of us who revere those who served, who gave their lives to defeat communism, First Blood was welcome revenge porn.  The young man being hunted by law enforcement was the good guy, trained by our own government.  Without cause, he was deemed an enemy of the people, which, of course he was not, in any way, shape, or form.  But he did know how to defend himself.  He had a particular set of skills.

There were several other Rambo films over the years — five of them.  Some of them were not very good, but despite their obvious faults that made them fodder for every film critic on the planet, each of the Rambo films had a clear good versus evil, right versus wrong core message.  Stallone was never a Shakespearean thespian, but that did not matter any more than it did in the Rocky films.  He was a tough kid from the streets who was driven by a gratitude for life and a will to be relevant. 

This current manifestation of the Rambo character is predictable by any film critic's dismissive standards.  They will delight in trashing it.  It is about as derivative as can be — it borrows from previous films like TakenEqualizer 1 and 2, even the recent Angel Has Fallen, and numerous episodes of Law & Order SVU.  But as in all the Rambo films, there is no wondering about who is good and who is not.

This film does actually provide an education of a sort.  The drug lords of Mexico do kidnap, drug, rape, and traffic young girls.  They do it by the many thousands of victimized young girls, snatched from their home villages, never to be returned.  Until Trump became president, no one cared about the fate of these girls.  Obama encouraged Mexican and Central American parents to send their children here perilously perched on the top of trains, unaccompanied, only to be ravaged on the journey.  These children's parents put them on those trains.  Some gave their little girls birth control pills knowing full well what the journey would entail.  The Left claims that such actions are desperation for those children to have a better life in the U.S.  This is nonsense.  These parents are virtually selling their own children into slavery or renting them to coyotes because entrance into the U.S. is easier when one has young children. 

As gruesome and violent as this new Rambo film is, its portrayal of how the drug cartels operate in Mexico is authentic; the thousands of young girls who are captured to be trafficked for sex often end up dead.  The Democrats in Congress know this as well as the people who made this film, but they are perfectly willing to sacrifice all those children rather than work with Trump to secure the border.  What, by their intransigence, are they perpetuating?  Exactly what is depicted in Rambo: Last Blood.

Not until Jeff Sessions became A.G. did anyone do anything about this.  Sessions may have fallen down on the job with regard to the Russia hoax, but he took combatting the trafficking of young children for sex seriously, and many hundreds of sex-traffickers were arrested.  Obama knew all about it and ignored it completely, looked the other way.  Obama was all about appeasement; he didn't like ruffling the feathers of our enemies or friends.  He liked our enemies more than he ever liked our allies.  Our Left today has continued his campaign of open borders in the service of permanently altering the demographics of America for their totalitarian ends. 

The ultimate consequences of America's capitulation to the drug cartels is a tragedy of yet unknown consequences, but what we do know now is catastrophic.  Thousands of American citizens have been murdered by illegal aliens.  Hundreds of thousands have died due to the fentanyl imported from China through Mexico.  The Left does not care.  Leftists protect the criminals in their sanctuary cities. The American left today sanctions all manner of crimes, including murder, as tolerable if committed by illegal migrants.  We can't use plastic straws but illegals have carte blanche to kill us even as we hand out needles to them by the tens of thousands, which are then disposed of on our streets.  But for Trump trying to reverse course, that is where we are today.  One of our two major parties means to destroy the nation as founded. 

So, as unoriginal as the formula of Rambo: Last Blood is, it tells a true story of today.  Exactly what is depicted in this film as to what goes on in Mexico is the truth.  No one but the good guys on this side of the border cares, ICE and our Border Patrol, which is why the border must be secured.  All Americans should see this film, knowing that it makes no attempt at being politically correct, nor does it seek critical acclaim or awards of any kind.  It tells the truth of how the cartels control Mexico, Central America, and how they spread their inhumanity from their part of the world to ours.  It is a vicious, brutal, grim story, and it's true.  It should make every American furious at our Democrats, for they are purposefully promulgating this inhumanity that victimizes thousands of children on an ongoing basis.

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