Media bias called out -- and not by a conservative

We welcome to the club of media skeptics a former MSNBC host and Dem congressional nominee.  Conservatives can take a small degree of satisfaction that not all Democrats are oblivious to the toxic level of media bias. An article in The Hill by a progressive commentator named Krystal Ball, who ran for Congress unsuccessfully as the Democrat-endorsed candidate in 2010, and who has been a media figure for many years, including as an MSNBC host, calls out some striking examples of misreporting… the sort of thing that President Trump would call “fake news,” though Ball scrupulously avoids using that term. Ball, second from the left, with her co-hosts of MSNBC's The Cycle  in 2013 Photo credit: Anthony Quintano Ball’s complaint is that the media are ignoring and obscuring the standing in polls of candidates that threaten the establishment of the Democrats: CNN recently displayed a curious graphic. It looked ordinary enough, a listing...(Read Full Post)
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