Kamala Harris lies again, this time about being the scrappy prosecutor suing Big Oil

Kamala Harris seems to be in a race with Joe Biden about how many things she can make up about her record, as if to make herself another Walter Mitty in her own heroic imagined story.

Here's here latest whopper, from the Washington Free Beacon:

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris inaccurately claimed during Wednesday's CNN climate town hall that she sued oil giant Exxon Mobil.

When asked by CNN's Erin Burnett if she would sue Exxon Mobil as president, Harris responded, "I have sued Exxon Mobil" to applause.

But Harris has not sued Exxon Mobil. As California attorney general, she launched a 2016 investigation into the oil company. The investigation, however, "stalled when Harris decided to run for the Senate," according to the Los Angeles Times. A department spokesman confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon that the attorney general's office had not sued the company.

So all that hay she reaped from another of her one-liners in her run for the Democratic nomination for president, this time at the Democrats' global warming town hall meeting, was as fake as her last one, the one where she went for the jugular against Joe Biden by citing his mainstream position on busing as horribly racist, frosting the cake with: "that little girl was me." Turns out her position on busing, as she was forced to clarify it, was about the same as Biden's. But who cares about facts when one can position oneself as a crying child in order to make insipid Biden into another Bull Connor?

She's done other stuff like this, too - as when she claimed she grew up in "racist" Berkeley, home of the hippies, the People's Park 'struggle,' Mario Savio, Bettina Aptheker, and the filthy speech movement of the '60s, or said she was all in for criminal justice reform when in reality she was putting them away by the thousands for little pot offenses and cooking the books on her arrest statistics, as Tulsi Gabbard popped her bubble on at debate two. 

Now she's the crusading prosecutor again, taking down the big bad corporate guys, she says, this time playing the crusader against Big Oil. 

As someone who's followed oil lawsuits and seen just how big bucked they can get, as in the Chevron-Ecuador case (where Chevron spent $2 billion to fight a greenie-socialist alliance of hucksters trying to shake them down), rest assured, taking on Big Oil is a monster task and she sure as heck would have known it. And we would have heard about it, too.

No, she did a phony "investigation" and used the claimed pretext of launching a lawsuit against Big Oil as her means of raising campaign cash so that she herself could run for the Senate. Onward and upward, such a convenient thing for that purpose. Once she got elected Senator, she kind of forgot about the whole thing. Which would have made sense, given that Big Oil goes in it to win it on lawsuit cases and more to the point, is a stickler on compliance issues anyway, so there's little to sue.

Which rather signals how cynical she really is. She'd govern as president by pinning meritless blame on bad guys such as big oil or maybe big pharma, make a lot of smoke and mirrors as in her 'investigation,' and then primarily use the effort to raise campaign cash, almost like a shakedown.

Is this person fit to be president? Likely even less than Biden.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0


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