India and the US can strike an energy deal of the century

Five years ago, India Prime Minister (P.M.) Narendra Damodardas Modi was in New York's Madison Square Garden for a traditional American visit.  But that was before President Donald Trump and his raucous political rallies.  In Houston, Texas in mid-September, Modi was greeted "with a deafening mix of cheers and traditional Indian drums," dubbed "Howdy Modi."  Over 50,000 Indian-Americans packed Houston's NRG Stadium that had Indian and American flags side-by-side to honor the occasion.  This rally was three times the size of the Madison Square Garden event. Modi had many reasons for attending the Houston rally.  Houston has over 150,000 Indian-Americans living there who are some of the wealthiest, most influential, and best educated in one of the largest energy-hub cities in the world.  Many of the Houston Indian-Americans who attended the rally were predominantly born in India, but these...(Read Full Post)
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