In face of hostile MSM interviewers, Trump advocates take control and interrupt their narrative

In recent days, Judy Woodruff, of PBS, has interviewed Kelly Anne Conway, and George Stephanopoulos of ABC has interviewed Rudy Giuliani about the recent "whistleblower" complaint and Joe Biden's role in getting a Ukrainian prosecutor, investigating a company on which Biden's son was a board member, fired. It is unclear whether PBS and ABC were genuinely trying to be fair or if their hosts figured they could discredit what their respective guests would have to say.  Either way, both Conway and Giuliani took full advantage of the opportunity by controlling the interview, including interrupting their hosts who undertook to push the scripted "Deep State" take on Biden's corruption and Trump's alleged solicitation of Ukraine to dirty up Biden. Here is the transcript of the Woodruff interview. And below, watch the entire interview of Rudy Giuliani by George Stephanopoulos: Photo credit: YouTube screen...(Read Full Post)
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