'Hi tech entrepreneur' Andrew Yang not rich enough to buy a modest home in Silicon Valley

Andrew Yang is widely identified as a "hi tech entrepreneur," leading many people (including me) to assume he is worth many millions of dollars, and independently wealthy.  That made sense, considering his plan to give a thousand bucks a month (borrowed, of course) to everyone (and it's not clear to me if legal or illegal aliens qualify). But according to information in this column by James Freeman in the Wall Street Journal, he isn't more than middle-class, at least by the standards of Silicon Valley. Julie Bykowicz reported in the Journal in May: Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, a self-described tech entrepreneur and philanthropist, earned about $150,000 last year, according to his newly released personal financial disclosure form. The form shows the 44-year-old's earnings last year came mostly from speaking engagements, including at the investment bank JPMorgan Chase & Co., and that he has...(Read Full Post)
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