Gregory Craig, Democrat lawyer, acquitted by DC jury in case arising from Mueller report

Gregory Craig, a DC Lawyer who defended Bill Clinton in his impeachment trial, was acquitted by DC jury after only 5 hours of deliberations on charges arising out of the Mueller Special Counsel inquiry. The charges arose out of his failure to register as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA), but because the statute of limitations had expired on that, he was accused of misleading federal  investigators on the question.

Gregory Craig addresses the Senate during Bill Clinton's impeachment trial

(YouTube screen grab (croppped)

Sharon LaFraniere explains in the New York Times:

But Mr. Craig’s guilt or innocence turned solely on the question of whether he deliberately misled Justice Department officials who were investigating whether he should register as a foreign agent. (snip)

His prosecution hinged in particular on whether he had deceived department officials by failing to disclose that he had provided a New York Times reporter with an advance copy of a report that his law firm had produced for the Ukrainian government. The reporter, David E. Sanger, and a colleague wrote an article after interviewing Mr. Craig. (snip)

Because the statute of limitations had run out to hold Mr. Craig accountable for any actions before October 2013, jurors were limited to considering whether he deceived federal officials during the three-month period that followed. [Member of the jury] Mr. Meyer said that four jurors switched their votes from guilty to not guilty after the panel sent a note to the judge to verify the limited time frame.

“Based on that very narrow thing, we couldn’t find anything he had done that warranted finding him guilty,” he said. Mr. Meyer added that Mr. Craig, in testifying in his own defense, came across as “very credible.”

DC juries are drawn from a pool of voters who voted 92.8% for Hillary Clinton in 2016, which may make DC a “sanctuary city for Democrats,” as a reader quipped in an email.

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