Greens know the destruction they're pushing on the rest of us

Greens know that Australia could not electrify our cities, farms, mines, refineries, and factories, nor power our road, rail, air, and sea transport with just solar, wind, hydro, and batteries.  Yet green activists, their adoring media, their tax-funded academics, their subsidized green "industries" and their vote-seeking politicians keep babbling about "zero emissions." Greens know that Australia could not feed itself without farmers, graziers, and truckies using electric and diesel-powered pumps, tractors, harvesters, and trucks to produce food and deliver it to the cities every day.  Yet they tax and vilify diesel and make electricity more expensive and less reliable.  And they lock up productive grasslands and open forests, thus producing pest-ridden "parks" and "protected" vegetation infested with feral animals and invaded by inedible and fire-prone eucalypt weeds. Greens know that we need more water...(Read Full Post)
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