Good news: Poll signals Republicans can rebound in Orange County and New Mexico

There's nothing quite as unstable as a rigged, stolen election, and right now, California's ballot-harvested Orange County might just move to Republican hands in the upcoming election.

According to a new internal poll cited by RealClearPolitics:

The Democratic tidal wave that washed over California last fall turned Orange County blue, but there are hopeful signs for Republicans that the floodwaters are receding.

A new poll shows top GOP recruit Michelle Steel (pictured) tied with first-term Democratic Rep. Harley Rouda, both pulling in 42% of active voters, with 16% undecided.

Just 28% of the voters polled in the survey, released this week to RealClearPolitics, said they want to re-elect Rouda while 42% said they want to give someone else a chance.

The congressman, who defeated 15-term incumbent Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in one of the most closely watched House contests last cycle, has yet to make a firm impression in the district, the figures also show. Forty-two percent of voters in the district say they don’t know who Rouda is or have an unfavorable opinion of him, while just 30% have a favorable opinion.

Same deal with New Mexico.  The leftist congresswoman there, like Rouda, was a dullard.

Both of them evidently understood that acting like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and getting loud and socialist on Twitter, was a great way to get publicity but wouldn't go over well in their mixed districts.  So they tried to play it safe and now are losing grounds on the boringness factor.  Life's tough when you can't sell socialism openly and your party is all about socialism.

It shows just what a dilemma it's been for Democrats in the ballot-harvested areas of California, as well as New Mexico.

These are representatives who had been losing their elections until ballot-harvesting kicked in, and the votes just kept arriving until Democrats got the result they wanted.  After that, no more counting.  And illegal aliens actually did the harvesting.

Sure, there's good news in the poll, but the really good news is in the willingness of the Republicans to fight.  Californians face tremendous obstacles to ever getting their will as voters into office now that the far left has taken over at the state level.

The details of the RealClearPolitics story show that candidates are stepping forward and showing a willingness to fight back anyway — against all odds.  The logic, of course, is that if the victory is big enough, they won't be able to cheat.

They seem to be operating on that and are going at it with vigor, fighting like President Trump.  It probably hasn't hurt them to have his example, teaching them what works on crooked, corrupt Democrats, and to avoid the namby-pambyism that lost them their favorite Reagan Country county.

One can only hope they fight like heck, given the odds.  This news suggests that they are.

Image credit: SBowman123 via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

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