Gavin Newsom calls for impeaching Trump, gets slapped with recall petition from California's locals

  California's far-left governor, Gavin Newsom, is out there with the best of them, loudly calling for the impeachment of President Trump.  It's nothing new for him, given that he ran for governor in 2017 on this platform. Appearing last night on the late-night Daily Show, Newsom made no bones about it, according to the Hollywood Reporter: "There's no doubt he will be impeached." To that statement, the Daily Show crowd erupted with cheers. Newsom followed with, "The question is will he be removed from office, and that's a separate question that Mitch McConnell can answer." From his point of view, it makes sense, because even though he's been on the job for only about a year, he's shown that he's always been more interested in sounding woke than actually governing.  Just tour the poop-strewn, disease-ridden streets of any California blue city...(Read Full Post)
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