Fox News's on-air war cools off — for now

The incendiary on air war that broke out earlier this week, pitting several of the most prominent Fox News channel personalities against each other, has cooled off for the moment.  The sudden flare-up of simmering grudges between Fox News's opinion and news sides that finally boiled over into public view involved opinion host Tucker Carlson, news host Shepard Smith, and the channel's senior legal analyst Andrew Napolitano.  The war of harsh words that went back and forth on Carlson's and Smith's programs Tuesday and Wednesday, which also involved Carlson's guest, Republican attorney Joseph diGenova, was unprecedented and was immediately seized on by a wide range of media as evidence of serious trouble at the country's highest rated cable news channel. Shepard Smith (left) and Andrew Napolitano kick off the controversy on Shepard Smith Reporting, Sept. 24, 2019 Gabriel Sherman is the author of a critical biography of the...(Read Full Post)
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