Five things about that double–GOP congressional blowout in North Carolina

In the swing state of North Carolina, it was happy-dance time for the beleaguered Republicans.  Two hotly contested congressional races both went solidly into the GOP camp, helping the Republicans in the crazies-run House.  State senator Dan Bishop won in the 9th District, and Greg Murphy won in the 3rd District, and both will now get the opportunity to tell Reps. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that they are out to lunch.  It was a conservative blowout. Five things stick out about it now.  First, straightforward conservatism, President Trump's stellar economy, and not being crazy all count for something. Dan Bishop's campaign website highlights a no-bones, straight conservative agenda, with rule of law at the border, support for the Second Amendment, and saying "yes" to life right there in the top row in red for his agenda.  It's as blunt as it...(Read Full Post)
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