EU head hopeful on deal after Boris Johnson stood firm on Brexit

Gone are the hopes of a British cave-in on Brexit.  P.M. Boris Johnson has made it clear that there will be no re-vote on the U.K. leaving the E.U., that the will of the voters as expressed will be obeyed.  And for good measure, President Trump has made it clear that the U.S. stands with its mother country and will be open to a free trade pact with Britain post-Brexit. Faced with this unwavering stance, its pressure ineffective in blocking Brexit, the head of the E.U. now wants to make a deal.  The U.K. Telegraph reports: Jean-Claude Juncker has said the EU can agree a new Brexit deal by Oct 31 as it emerged Boris Johnson wants a "take it or leave it" offer from Brussels. Amid increasing optimism in Downing Street that a deal is within reach, the European Commission president also said he was not "emotionally  attached" to the Irish backstop and that it could be ditched. The Irish backstop refers to...(Read Full Post)
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