Energy security, the unstable Middle East, and the wisdom of electing Donald Trump

A wise man once wrote that "wisdom is vindicated by her children" (Matthew 11:19).  To put it another way, we can judge who is truly wise by how his actions work out.

If we accept that axiom, then the wisdom of electing our president should be becoming increasingly obvious.  Undeniable, really.

A case in point: Back in the 1970s, the economy of the Western world was held up for ransom by a few relatively unstable Middle Eastern nations.  This because they, by an act of nature, owned much of the energy upon which the modern world depends.

Since that time, we have seen several different approaches to preventing that "ransom" situation from happening again — approaches that included President Jimmy Carter's wishful thinking that a non-petroleum-based synthetic energy source could be economically developed and manufactured to President Barack Obama's equally "wishful" thinking that the hateful and unstable Middle Eastern countries could be bought off and won over by simple kowtowing to them while sending them billions of dollars of American cash.

None of that worked.  There was no wisdom in those approaches that could be "vindicated by her children."

No, it took a man with business sense — proven practical wisdom — to turn things around.  And that was the person of President Donald Trump.  For he, and seemingly he alone among influential leaders, understood the reality of what achieving energy and economic security required: the development of America's own vast petroleum resources, and the unleashing of all of America's entrepreneurial energy toward that end.

And now we know he did so none too soon, for the Middle East is right now on the verge of a total implosion.  War there is getting more likely, day by day.  And already one third of the oil production of Saudi Arabia has been brought to a halt — this by the works (at least such is the claim) of some "nobody" rebels in the relative "nowhere" country of Yemen.

Can we imagine the state our economy even now would be in if President Trump had not overruled the false "wisdom" of Washington, New York, and California?  This, by forcing through against all their resistance the actions and infrastructure development required for America to be, for the first time since at least the 1960s, energy self-sufficient.

Now, thanks largely to this one man, Donald Trump, we as a nation are free to act or not act according to the needs and interests of our own nation.  That, while they — the world at large — are "free" to follow their own delusions into a world of political chaos and economic madness.

Just how all this will end is of course unknown.  Things will likely get ugly, and we shall not be entirely unaffected.  But think of the panic we would be even now experiencing owing to the destruction of those Saudi oil-producing plants if it were not for President Trump and the inventive American entrepreneurs that were, as always, waiting in the wings for the opportunities to show their unique genius.

Yes, "wisdom" has been "vindicated by her children."  And the wisdom of the American people has been again vindicated by their choice of Donald J. Trump to lead them.

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