Dems' impeachment frenzy is the prelude to the coming time bombs about to explode in their faces

Lost in all the frenzy over impeachment — sparked by the Deep State leaker posing as a "whistleblower" (passing along hearsay does not qualify for protection under whistleblower statutes) — is the trio of ticking time bombs that Democrats know are about to detonate in their faces. The three time bombs have names: Horowitz, Huber, and Durham.  When the Department of Justice inspector general issues his report, then John Huber and John Durham, the U.S. attorneys tasked with investigating crimes suspected in the Clinton Foundation; Uranium One; and the FISA warrants used to spy on the Trump campaign, transition, and presidency will be free to start seeking indictments, or to unseal indictments that may have already been issued by their grand juries.  The reports and the unleashing of the two U.S. attorneys are coming soon, as those mentioned in the I.G. report are currently submitting their responses for inclusion in the final...(Read Full Post)
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