Democrats' 2020 game plan

The Democrat presidential candidates seem dedicated to outdoing each other when it comes to promising to do as the Constitution prohibits.  The unlawful suggestions in their deranged repertoire of leftist madness flow freely across the sociopolitical landscape, causing wonder with regard to how much longer America could continue to remain civil.

After all, the history of genocides since the 20th century is well documented, many of which followed general confiscation of firearms from the civil population, dozens of millions of who were then slaughtered by savagely sociopathic totalitarian regimes.  And while some gun confiscation is taking place in America, it seems likely that an attempt at a general gun confiscation would lead to massive, aggressive rejection from American gun-owners, who know a bit of history.

Yet the idea of a general confiscation of guns does not seem to be losing popularity among the Democrat presidential candidates.  Kamala Harris, for example, has said she is willing to sign an executive order for gun confiscation in case Congress fails to act in that regard.

That is but one among a variety of examples of candidates who campaign on the basis to do, upon being sworn into office, things that are prohibited by constitutional law.  They promise, essentially, to commit perjury upon taking the oath to support and defend the Constitution.  They promise to break the law, to violate the oath, and to violate civil rights.

The Democrat presidential candidates hope to lead America into a nightmare of socialist utopia, apparently clinging to the hope that, once in office, implementing socialism in their own inimitable way will result in success, though socialism has never resulted in improvements to any society.  Socialism always brings dystopia, chaos, abject poverty, and the financial and moral degradation of society.

The Democrat presidential candidates, after committing perjury upon taking the oath of office, hope to put the Cloward-Piven strategy on steroids in order to boast in private meetings with fellow Marxists that they were the one who finally succeeded in bankrupting America.

The Democrat presidential candidates, upon winning where Hillary failed, hope to provide free everything to everyone whom they can import into America from whichever foreign hellholes will let them emigrate; while continuing to export massive aid to America's self-defined enemies overseas.

Julián Castro has come out in favor of banning conservative ideas from public schools, presumably to increase the rate of successful indoctrination in Marxist, Islamofascist, and other diabolical ideologies.  One can be sure that the other Democrat presidential candidates are slapping their foreheads for not having suggested it before.

And at some point in their game plan, the Democrat presidential candidates all must have at least a sketch for the extermination of opponents of their socialist agenda, after having confiscated their guns.  After all, that is what socialists do.

Socialism kills.  Along the way to that objective, socialism impoverishes, degrades, enslaves, tortures, robs, and ruins in whichever ways it might all of what it touches.  The Democrat presidential candidates seem well qualified to achieve all of that if given the chance.

Image: Guardian News via YouTube.

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