Debate: Julian Castro pees down Joe Biden's leg and tells him it's raining

Democratic debates are always contests to determine which candidate is the most contemptible.

Based on his dishonest behavior in debate three, you could argue that Julián Castro, way down at the bottom end of the debate stage, took that "honor."

According to a level-headed analysis by Aaron Blake in the Washington Post:

The former Housing and Urban Development secretary clearly came ready to go at this debate, and he went hard at Biden. But his biggest optical win didn't have substance to back it up. He accused Biden of saying his plan would not automatically enroll people in his public health care option. When Biden denied it, Castro was apoplectic. "Are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago?" he said repeatedly, perhaps not subtly spotlighting Biden's age.

Well, we checked the tape, and Castro was wrong. Biden had said that "anyone who can't afford it gets automatically enrolled in the Medicare-type option we have, et cetera."

I'm no fan by any means of Biden, but I noticed that, too.  It almost made me feel sorry for the guy.  And if I noticed it, and the Washington Post noticed it, you can bet millions of viewers noticed it, too.  Biden stated the details of his socialist health care plan clearly enough, claiming everyone would be covered...and Castro jumped all over him with bullying tactics, raising the temperature in the room as if he'd just been insulted and literally lied to everyone from his position in the wings on what Biden just said.  I've heard of candidates lying about what other candidates have said in the past, but never when the candidate just said it — and the entire audience just heard it.

It's as if Castro wanted the audience to suspend belief and, based on his shrill emotion, jump to his side because he could yell the loudest.

Did Castro make a mistake, and does he need to work on his listening skills?  Or did he just not care and figured any opportunity, fair or foul, to attack Joe was his opportunity?  Everyone could see he was wrong, but he just kept bullyragging as if passionate intensity was the best way to change the facts and win the "narrative." 

Biden, being Biden, argued back feebly but was no match for the colossally obnoxious Castro.  Instead of punching back harder, maybe asking the smirking, sneering Castro something like "What kind of a weasel are you?," he just argued in a he-said, she-said manner, leaving the audience wondering.

It tells us a lot about Castro.  He's a bully, he's a liar, and he wants you to disbelieve what you just saw with your own eyes.

The bullying echoes that of his no-good twin brother Joaquin, who vowed to doxx Trump donors in his district.  It's a pattern with this pair.

The lies are a sign of a psychopathic liar, someone with complete disregard for facts and the capacity to put on a show.

And his demand that you disbelieve what you just saw was the act of a man who takes leaks down people's legs and tells them it's raining.

Voters may be remiss to vote for any of these people, but one wants to think they're not fools.  Castro has decided they're fools.  And if he gets a poll bump from this, they are fools. 

Image credit: Washington Post/ABC News via shareable YouTube screen shot.

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