CNN falsely pushes claims that ‘climate crisis is making hurricanes more dangerous’

CNN’s fall from a purveyor of news to pure propaganda organ of the Left was vividly displayed yesterday.   An anchor named Ana Cabrera accused an expert of “sidestepping” the purported issue of global warming making hurricanes more dangerous. She didn’t interview the guest herself, but rather commented on a previous interview done by her colleague in which the other CNN anchor tried to bait guest Peter Gaynor, acting FEMA director, into blaming global warming: Researchers say that we’re going to see even more very intense hurricanes due to the climate crisis. Do you agree with that? screen grab via Grabien Gaynor refused to agree. When the recording of the interview was done, Cabrera blatantly stated (with prepared-in-advance slides with the text): Here are the facts we know that the climate crisis is making hurricanes more dangerous. Here are the top ways listed in order of scientific confidence. The sea level rise is...(Read Full Post)
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